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Summer Intensive
July 19-20-21, 2024

When my body is an island I can only see my shadow...
We suggest you reconnect to:
May life dance for us, may music resonate in our soul. and that we can embrace the shadow so that the light illuminates our existence.

They facilitate:
Oscar Jareno
Body Music and Voice Exploration

Sofia Machta

Adriana Alcibar: Tel. 633 258 233

Centro: SUNiAi

Reajuste Vitalo

"Many are the paths that lead to God;

I have chosen the path of dance and music"

Mevlana Rumi

Danza Reajuste Vital

InsideDance is…

Intimacy danced at the service of the heart, putting the body in tune with its origin, entering into resonance, vibrating, music, exploring, holding, embracing, creating...
Your body as a sacred receptacle, guardian of memory.

The journey through music and dance as a vital expression is a process that impregnates us with a deep state of pleasure and infinite bliss, pure ecstasy.

When we are in experience we create an enveloping resonance that involves the entire Being...
Music transforms us and guides us to some place in our ancestral and universal memory, it links us with the origin, with the essence.

Each emotion has a specific sound, rhythm, melody, and harmony.

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Inside Dance: Tool for creative deepening in the field of body expression and communication.
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"Una danza para el alma"

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  • InsideDance is a tool
  • for creative deepening and
  • n the field of expression and body communication.
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  • Professionals from different disciplines, as well as Psychologists, Pedagogues, Educators and Yoga and Gestalt teachers. As well as people who want a change in their personal and professional approach

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